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Parked - A4 Landscape Photobook with Print.

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It’s more than a means of transport.

It’s affection, attachment, expression. It might even be a dream come true. Whatever’s parked outside, it’s chosen, wanted, needed.

There’s a reason these cars intrigue. There’s a connection between them and their people. The lives they drive, the homes they sit outside. Sometimes there's a disconnect too, and I found myself wondering, how does this home have this car? How does this car warrant that kind of care? Who has saved this car, poured in love and money, given it all their weekends? But I get it – as a modern classic car lover, I get the connection, the (maybe misplaced) affection, the pride. 

Parked contains 45 colour images taken in the North of England over a span of 3 years.

*Each of the first 50 books will receive a free 10X8 print on lustre paper as shown in the images*

Photobook spec:

A4 Landscape Softcover with white ink details 

Cover printed on 350gsm G. F. Smith embossed paper with white ink detail and 135gsm Citrine liner page.

Yellow cloth detail on spine. 

Inner printed on 150gsm Art silk paper. 

* Free print limited to 50 copies only.

*150 standard copies available thereafter.

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